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Gig @ The Hobgoblin: Saturday February 14 

And other gig! This time on Valentine's Day... awww. Expect much loved-up-ness at The Hobgoblin.

More details on who we're supporting as and when I get them...

Gig @ Freebutt: Raw Brighton semi-finals, 22nd February 

We have a date for the Raw Brighton semi-finals: it's the 22nd February, and it's at The Freebutt.

It would be lovely to see you all again.

Gig photos 

Finally, we have incontrovertible photographic proof of Seratone.

Scream! At the raw rock'n'roll stylings. Faint! At the sweat-drenched shamblings. Snigger! At the comical slack-jawed gurning.

More photos to come...

Mailing list 

We've got a new mailing list set up, so we can sporadically mail out about gigs, news, site updates, funny dogs, and other useful tidbits.
There is still some cheese left, if anyone wants it.

We... won? 

Somehow, we won last night's heat for the Raw Brighton battle of the bands. We're through to the semi-finals.

Buckets of thanks to everyone who showed up and watched, took part, voted, and made it such a wicked night. We'll be putting some photos of the night up here soon... watch this space!

Gig at the Pav Tav: Sunday, 25th January 

It's our first gig. I'm so excited I've been sick on a puppy. (Is that right? Morally, I mean?)

We're playing at the Pav Tav, ostensibly as part of the Raw Brighton band-battle extravaganza.

It's free, and there'll be a load of bands there. Silvermaker are quite excellent, Sam tells me. (Althought being Sam, he would never have said "quite excellent". It's only me that says things like that.)

If you vote for us, you may win a small cheese. I said "may".


Well. Here we are. Seratone has a website... well, a blog, anyway. What the hell, it's a start.

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