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King & Queen, this Saturday 3rd 

We're playing this Saturday at the King & Queen in Brighton, for a night of fun and games with Backbeat Records. Supporting us are The Gaff and The Wailing Jacks, who are both bands with "The" in front of their names.

Doors are at 7pm... and it's free!

Confused of Chichester 

... someone told me otherwise. Pete from The Illuminati, in fact. Here's the true story:

We're playing with Pixies tribute band Nimrod's Son in Chichester on the 20th, and NOT The Illuminati. And it's in a pub called The Chichester, in... well, Chichester.

And the best part is... it's free entry!

New gig, Chichester, March 20th 

We're playing with the math-rockinest Illuminatis once again, on Saturday, March 20th. It's at The Cave in Chichester, unless anyone tells me otherwise...

Susie's Thoughts, March 18th 

Some more info in about the Susie's Thoughts gig at the Freebutt on March 18th.

We're playing with Transparent Things (who used to be The Cling) and Dustin's Bar Mitzvah. Life is good.

New gig, Chichester, May 14th 

We're playing with The Illuminati in Chichester's The Cave on May 14th. It's £2 on the door, and we'll be on around 9.30 or so.

Raw deal 

No dice on the RAW battle of the bands final last night. Congratulations to Her Own Escape and the Really Really Metro Cities, who came first and second respectively. And thanks to Giles, super-sub guitar tech extraordinaire, who valiantly fought to rescue Seratone's clean guitar channel. Alas, to no avail...

As Sam says, "we may have lost the battle, but we'll win the war". Quite which war that is remains to be seen, but rest assured, we'll keep fighting... something...

And as always, thanks to everyone who came yesterday to show their support. We really appreciate it.

In other news: in all the RAW excitement, we forgot to say we recorded our first demo over the weekend. Let Go, The Original White Knuckle Ride, and Foreign Day have all been committed to tape (well, hard disk) at the S.E. Music studios in Eastbourne. We'll put the tracks up when mixing's done, for your personal listening pleasure.

So see you Friday at the Hobgoblin. Over and out.

RAW Final this Sunday 

It's the Raw Brighton final this Sunday, so I thought I'd post a wee reminder.

It's at Brighton's OCEAN ROOMS, and doors open at 8.30pm. Bands are on soon after that. It's £4 in advance, £5 on the door; tickets from tickets@rawbrighton.co.uk.

The Ocean Rooms is on Morley Street. It might be worth getting there early - the last semi-final was full half an hour after the doors opened!

If you can't make it, you can listen in on Juice 107.2 FM to the whole show, broadcast live.

Till next time...

We shall bite them on the features 

So it wasn't exactly a groundbreaking broadcast of epic magnitude, but hey, it went out there.

Joe and Sam (Ruy was stuck behind the counter at Redeli) blabbered incoherently at Juice FM's Sam Walker, who somehow steered the conversation into something vaguely relevant before dispatching our boys with a cheery "thankyou very much".

Listen from the MP3s page.

Juice FM, 7.30pm *tonight* 

Things change fast in radio, don't they?

We're on Juice FM TONIGHT now, around 7.30/7.45 time...

On yer radio TUESDAY, now 

So we're actually going to be on the radio for about two minutes between 7pm and 8pm TUESDAY, as in, tomorrow (2nd March), sandwiched between songs by Basement Jaxx and Snow Patrol. Remember, kids, 107.2FM.

Me and Sam have just left Juice Towers, after pre-recording our stuff. God, what is it about being put in front of a microphone that makes us talk such incoherent gibberish? We meant to talk about Raw, about the music, about great things (and maybe plug a gig or two). We actually talked about losing Ruy behind the sofa.

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