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London gig 

We've got our first London gig coming up... next week!

It's Wednesday 5th May, at The Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green. It's a Don't Forget Yer Bass Amp! night.

We're playing with Greyhound Green and Beverley. It's a measly £3 on the door, doors at 8pm, and it goes on until midnight!

The address is: The Pleasure Unit, 359 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6LG... the nearest tube is Bethnal Green. So c'mon... it'll be great. There'll be cats in pajamas.


We're playing downstairs at the Hobgoblin on May 20th... with Stash and Dirty Social Disorder. Blimey moses More Fire action. It's free, too.

Brighton Rocks! 

We're playing the Concorde II Brighton Rocks uber-gig on Sunday 13th June, along with The Mutts, The Phil Collins 3, Johnny Truant, and The Dirty Tricks. What a beast of a lovely lucky lineup.

Worthless Band Trivia #153: Seratone and The Phil Collins 3 practice in Room 2, 2-5pm, at Monster Studios... on alternate Sundays! Who gives a turd?!?!?!

The incredible moving gigs 

All change!

The Chichester gig (with The Illuminati) is now happening on the 26th June, not May 14th.
Also, the 7th June Cable Club gig is off.

As you were...

Free CDs! 

The Seratone/More Fire street team (ok, Joe and Sam) have been out in the gorgeous Brighton sun today, giving out rough-cut demo CDs. If you're reading this because you've picked one up, we'd love it if you let us know what you think in the forum. Thanks!

If you missed out on a CD, you can still download the tracks for free...

Cable Club, June 7th, Pressure Point Brighton 

We're playing our first gig for that hallowed Brighton institution, the Cable Club, on June 7th. It's at the Pressure Point. More details of other bands as and when I know...

Message board! 

Finally, the site has a forum. No longer will you need to restrain the tide of bile that threatens to rupture your swollen angered belly. Spew it forth!

Or write something nice. It's really up to you.

Club Diomedes, 22nd June 

We're playing the first Club Diomedes night at the Freebutt on June 22nd. There'll be an out-of-town band on first, then us, then the almighty Diomedes themselves.


Charlbury Festival 

We're playing this year's Charlbury Festival on June 19th. Tiny, rural Charlbury is near Oxford - there are instructions on how to get there on the site.

There'll be camping, industrial quantities of local beer, and some of the best bands in Oxfordshire (and, weirdly, us) - it should be fun.

Freebutt gig cancelled 

Oops, scratch that. We're no longer playing at the Freebutt on Wednesday (7th April).

We're still playing the Pressure Point next Tuesday (13th April), though!

Gigs ahoy! 

Word on more Brighton gigs in the very near future:

Wednesday, April 7th at The Freebutt: with The Colony (ex-C64)
Tuesday, April 13th at The Pressure Point: supporting Cremaster, also with The Hyenas, Scanners, and Facing South.

It just keeps on going, doesn't it?

Demo MP3s up! 

Check out the MP3s page for full-length, high-fidelity versions of Let Go, The Original White Knuckle Ride, and Foreign Day.

Hope you like hearing them as much as we like playing them.

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