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Brighton to Soho car share 

Next Wednesday evening, we've got a gig at Gossips in Soho; should be a good one!

We're sorting out a car-share to get people down to Gossips in Soho next Wednesday. If you're either interested in driving, or want to get a lift off someone who is, send me a mail:


and we'll try and match passengers with drivers.

We'll pay the petrol for anyone who offers to drive down there...

Brixton Telegraph, Sun 6th June 

Just after I print a load of flyers with all our seven (seven!) June dates on, J goes and books us an eighth. The man is a gig-booking machine. Come to think of it, that would explain his metal kidney...

So the gig's at the Brixton Telegraph, ten minutes walk up the hill from Brixton tube. There are directions and a map on the Flash Telegraph site, under the CONTACT tab.

It's on Sunday 6th June; we're headlining, and are scheduled to start making noises at 9.30pm, with doors at 7pm. The bands on before are REDLIGHT, ONE LIFE LEFT, and FEVERKILL... bands picked by the promotors, Amberlamp.

It'd be great to see you there. It's £5 in with a flyer... pub prices, apparently, and cheap Thai food!

Cable Club details 

So here are the bands playing the Cable Club at the Pressure Point on Monday 12th July:


The web tells me that Nectar International and Fuji Heavy are purveyors of fine quality surgical, dental, manicure and pedicure instruments along with tools, knives and swords, and one of Japan's largest manufacturers of transportation equipment respectively. Maybe it's an industrial night. No-one ever tells us anything.

OK, so I tried a bit harder. Fuji Heavy's "Face Like A Criminal" is what Cay would have written instead of "Dragonfly" if they'd had their bile glands removed at birth, while "Sunburn"'s lovely doo-eee feel-good psycho-rock thing might make you smile.

Nectar International practice at Ground Zero - that much we know...

Last-minute Sussex Uni 

Those lovely Steal Back Your Life people have got us a slot playing with them tomorrow (Sunday 23rd May), at Sussex University's East Slope Bar.

You can there from Brighton on the number 25 bus, or by train. East Slope bar is marked on this map.

Rock on.

Oh my gigging aunt 

We've got some more Brighton gigs coming up:

Tuesday 1st June: Volks Tavern
Sunday 20th June: The Enigma
Monday 12th July: Cable Club, Pressure Point

I think that now makes seven gigs in June. Sweet jesus.

Boom! said the PA 

What a friggin night.

A mahoosive sorry to everyone who turned up Thursday night to see us at the Hobgoblin, only to see... well, nothing, as the gig got pulled only two songs in to Steal Back Your Life's set.

And thanks again to SBYL, who filled in for Stash at the very, very last minute, and then ended up only getting to play for about five minutes before the P.A. exploded.

And commiserations to the Dirty Social Disorder, who got kicked out of the venue before they even got on stage.

So the plan doesn't always come together...

Brighton Rocks line-up 

More details on Brighton Rocks, Sunday June 13th. The bands playing are:


It's 3.00pm - 11.30pm, and costs £4 / £3 with a flyer. Over 14s can come too, this time... which makes a change!

Another London gig 

And we're playing again in London, on Wednesday 2nd June.

Nestling in the heart of Soho is Gossips, Dean Street. Promotors The Talent Scout try bands out there, before putting them on at Sound in Leicester Square. It's one of those "industry"-type things.

So... once again, we need your help. If we make a good impression, we'll get to play Leicester Square, and from there... the world! Mars! Alpha-Centurai!

So doors are at 7.30pm, first band on at 8pm... and we're on around 9pm. Tickets £5 with flier - email us to get hold of one.

We're also gonna run a mini-bus down from Brighton. If you're interested, again, let us know.

Over and out.

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