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No Hobgoblin gig this Saturday 

We're not playing the Hobgoblin this Saturday - because we're playing the Pressure Point on the 12th, we've got to clear gigs for a chunk of time around this. Sorry for the late notice...

Thanks again to everyone who's been coming to see us over the last month. We've really appreciated your support. The Pressure Point on the 12th will be the last for a little while, to let us get some new songs worked up, and to recruit an extra guitarist... if you're interested, let me know!

Chichester on Saturday 

So we're playing The Chichester this Saturday, with math-rock gods The Illuminati. We went to see them a few weeks ago at the Concorde, with their new line-up, and... well, it's the stuff of legends ;)

Enigma line-up 

Here's the line-up for The Enigma on this Sunday 20th:

Steal Back Your Life


Charlbury Festival details 

The full line-up for the year's Charlbury Festival is up. Headlining are Dive Dive, who used to be called Dustball. Before them, seven other bands, including... well, us!

Last year, 5,000 people came along to watch... there are photos on Nunununa's site. I've also dredged up some reviews of festivals past (2002, 1999).

Don't know about you, but I'm stoked.

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