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Go on you... whites-with-black-and-yellow-bits 

So the football was good on Sunday, except for Sam breaking his elbow, of course. Thanks to Rich, t'other Rich, Becky and Darren for augmenting the Seratone team into some kind of baby-eating football-playing monstrous fourteen-legged troll-thing.

Vicky took some photos, so when they're developed, we'll get them up on the site.

It's been two days now since we played, and I'm still walking like a broken Transformer. When are my legs going to come back under my conscious control?

Monday 12th July: Pressure Point tonight cancelled 

Tonight's gig at the Pressure Point has been cancelled.

Yesterday at the Pressure Point inter-band football tournament up in Falmer, Sam took a dive on the astroturf, and didn't get up for a little while - his arm was quite sore, apparently. Sympathetically, and with care and affection, we told him to get his f'kin lazy arse back up and get on with the sodding game.

Sam's trip to casualty this morning has revealed a broken elbow. So, we're really sorry to say: tonight's gig ain't gonna happen.

Which is a real shame - we had all kinds of nice things planned (strobe lights! smoke machines! a mini-stonehenge!), and the unveiling of our best new song... we wanted to end this monstrous run of gigs with something special. But sadly, it was not to be.

Anyway - thanks again to you all for all your support. We really do appreciate it. And we'll be back gigging in a few months time, when Sam has a fully working complement of upper limbs. We'll have some new songs, a new guitarist... and the same old fairy lights draped round the drumkit.

Thanks, as ever, for listening.

Football? What football? 

Back in May, J said that the Cable Club were organising some kind of inter-band football tournament thing. Ha, we said. None of us can play football! Well, said J, you've got until July to learn.

The Cable Club say:
Cable Club's good friends Emphyrian have helped
to secure two five-a-side pitches for Sunday 11th July
up at the Falmer Uni Campus. You will be
very pleased to note that there will be bar right
next to us, so refreshments will never be far away!

So if the idea of watching Turncoat, Emphyrian, In Vitro, Sam & Me,
Brown Corduroy Express, Educated Animals, Seratone,
The Recoil, Pressure Point, Offspring Sneaker Emporium,
Daze One, Acoustic House Party Happiness
and Treadstone chase a ball around until they're sick appeals to you, be up at the Falmer sports fields this Sunday.

What have we done...

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