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Sussex University this Sunday 

Unexpectedly, Seratone are playing at the East Slope Bar at Sussex University, this Sunday.

It's Alvaro from Steal Back Your Life's birthday, so expect the night to run with only the finest champagne... :)

Of course, Steal Back Your Life themselves will be playing. I shouldn't need to tell you that you need to see this band :)

Also playing are the excellent Colourmap, who we played with back on the 23rd of May... at East Slope, with SBYL, in fact. I'm feeling quite Groundhog about the whole thing.

To get to East Slope, catch a number 25 bus from Brighton, or get the train to Falmer... then, check out the campus map.

Hope to see you there, or on Tuesday at the Pav Tav... or both!

Where's the ginger one gone? 

It's all change in the Seratone camp. Not content with succesfully turning Ed into a fruitful cog in the Seratone rock crunching machine, Seratone is looking for a new bass player. The search continues... any takers?

The all-new Seratone gets its first public airing on Tuesday October 26th, at the Pav Tav. It's a Radio One gig of some sort, apparently - it should be a good one.

So long, y'all... it's been a blast.

Charlbury Festival DVD out now! 

Back in June, we played the Charlbury Riverside Festival. Sam's guitar broke, and I sang flat the whole way through... but hey, we had fun, below the giant plastic flowers...

Why am I telling you this? Because the live DVD of the event is out, for only £5 + £1.50 p&p, from Jack Fruit Stores:


As well as featuring "Sreatone" (our amazingly faithful lookey-likey tribute band), you get a whole slew of others:
and also a whole load of acts from Sunday, that I missed, actually, cos we were back in Brighton for another gig already.

More than 70 minutes of Oxfordshire's finest (and us), all told...

I haven't seen this thing yet, so no guarantees of the quality, or how much footage of us there is, or anything... but hey, it's well under a tenner, and all proceeds go towards the festival's bills. Buy one! Buy seven! Give them as presents to people you don't know very well!

...and now we are four. 

So we're now a four-piece.

It was a seriously tough choice - not an easy thing to do... at all. But - we've made the decision...

...ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Seratone's new guitar-grinding demon... Mr. Ed Harvard.

This is how Ed introduced himself to the band...
"hello seratone this is ed, well versed musical all rounder with a craving for ice. just turned 25 yrs don't look a day over 15 and going on 7."
And, as advertised, he can play that guitar like ringing a bell. A kind of six-stringed, long wood-and-metal kind of bell. More like a guitar, really, if we're honest. But he can also play pretty much any instrument known to humankind (including the TRIANGLE), so all is very well indeed.

So now we're going to force-feed Ed a diet of purest Seratone, until he turns orange and strange... and then we're going to gig again.


-Joe, Ruy, Sam and Ed

Charlbury Festival photos 

Sam's just pointed me at some photos from the Charlbury Festival we
played back in June...

They look all, y'know, professional, like. Thanks, "Miles" at
OxfordBands.com, whoever you are...

You can add comments to the photos, as well, so... get creative ;)

Source review 

It's been a while. How are you all doing?

We've got a demo review in August's Brighton Source - they say:
It's still open season for big American rock riffs and disillusioned frontment singing about the confusion of living in a democracy where governments tell you what to do (no, that isn't how they're supposed to work). There are ideas here to get worked up about: The Original White Knuckle Ride is Idlewild starting all over again with momentum-building riffs and faux-Yankee yelling, exploding into a G-force inducing thrasher, while Foreign Day makes good use of multi-tracked vocals as doubled-up background foils to the contempt seething in the foreground.
Which is nice of them.

The other news is... we've narrowed down potential extra guitarists to a shortlist of TWO, from a long list of... well, two. But they're both excellent, so it's not an easy choice. We're gonna make a decision tomorrow, though, so watch this space...

Go on you... whites-with-black-and-yellow-bits 

So the football was good on Sunday, except for Sam breaking his elbow, of course. Thanks to Rich, t'other Rich, Becky and Darren for augmenting the Seratone team into some kind of baby-eating football-playing monstrous fourteen-legged troll-thing.

Vicky took some photos, so when they're developed, we'll get them up on the site.

It's been two days now since we played, and I'm still walking like a broken Transformer. When are my legs going to come back under my conscious control?

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